Tuesday, October 23, 2012

ALAN MILMAN SECT - first new recordings since 1978! PRE-ORDER NOW!

SCRABBY BOTTOMS is proud to announce a joint release with No-Count Records to bring you the first new recordings of THE ALAN MILMAN SECT in 34 years! It's been since 1978 since the A.L.S, released the infamous "Stitches In My Head/Wanna Kill Somebody" EP [bootlegged time and time again , as any purveyor of Killed By Death type compilations knows all too well!] , and now Al is back and even more pissed off than ever before! Produced by and with guitar work by Evan Foster of The Boss Martians, this brand new 4 song EP shows Al every bit as sharp as he was in the 70's....even more so, really! This record will be released on 180 gram virgin vinyl (that's the best you can get, folks!) by Scrabby Bottoms, while the digital downloads will be handled by No-Count Records. A release date is tentatively scheduled for late January/early February. STRICTLY LIMITED TO 500 COPIES, PRE-ORDERS ARE BEING TAKEN---THIS RECORD IS EXPECTED TO SELL OUT QUICKLY---SECURE YOUR COPY NOW! 7 (seven) US dollars plus 2 (two)US dollar postage in the US---overseas orders , please contact us for international shipping rates! ALL PRE-ORDERS WILL ALSO RECEIVE A GRAB BAG OF FREE GOODIES FROM THE LABEL! orders by paypal from the checkout tab on the right hand side of this page.
Here's a raw demo of COCKSUCKERS & MOTHERFUCKERS to give you an idea of what his momentous record is going to sound like!

Alan Milman Sect at CBGB's, 1977!
Al Milman...still rocking it, in the new millenium!

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! I just played this 'In your face' hard driving song at full volume and absolutely can't WAIT until this HOT vinyl comes out!! Al Milman is the punk rock GOD that RULES the millennium!